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Ground Support Equipment Company

About us

ElectroAir OÜ
 is a European Manufacturer, Developer and Designer of top qualityGPUs and other related equipment.  Their NextGen Ground Power Units are not just "another" Ground Power Unit on the market: they are a static converter that combines. deep technological expertise and innovation, ideal for either the Civil Aviation or Military customers. ElectroAir has a consumer-focused mindset that honors two of the best aeronautic heritages in the world - “Safety” and “Reliability”. As a result, it produces among the most advanced products in today’s static NextGen GPU market segment.Their units are designed to anticipate market needs and are capable of generating profit for Airports, Airlines, Maintenance Repair Organizations and Ground Handlers. Very important - they provide comfort for the Consumer and care for the Environment. ElectroAir’s staff are not just "workers", they are experts in the aviation and power supply industry, motivated by a new endeavor, they are truly internationally minded sharing a common vision with similar values, as well as, the shared common willingness to eagerly succeed. Electroair’s customers are not just "clients". They are partners in the widest sense of the word. The company deeply believes that  both are instrumental to each other's success and that each partnership that starts from the outset of the NextGen design, will continue throughout the entire life cycle. Currently ElectroAir serves more than two hundred clients worldwide with partners and service centres in various countries. All generators are built based on the latest technology and developments, geared at meeting the requirements and needs of today’s market.